What's Inside This Bundle?


  • A description of 25 types of businesses you can build and launch with a zero-down investment
  • An overview of the pros & cons for each self-employment business described
  • A detailed list of the resources required to get started and operate your desired business
  • Colourful illustrations to get a visual idea of the business concept


A 27-page PDF workbook with a ton of value for newbies. In this eWorkbook you get a total of combo of 21 sheets, which include: 3 types of worksheets, 5 types of checklists, 4 types of cheat sheets, 4 types of blueprints, and 4 types of lists.

Benefits of this eWorkbook include:

  • Digital fields where you can type in your answers or check off a completed action
  • Links to additional training material related to the subject of the page
  • Inspirational quotes by successful entrepreneurs to boost your motivation
  • Perfect for beginners with no money to design and launch an online business



There’s a lot of info to digest in this Bronzepreneur eBundle! This PDF quiz book is designed to help you organize your thoughts about the Bronzepreneur eBundle contents.

Use it to get the mental clarity you may need before taking action in designing and launching your small business.


Still Unsure?

◾A breakdown of the math of working for an employer vs. working for yourself◾

◾An introduction to the “Twenty Dollar Rule” to help optimize your daily earnings◾

◾An illustrative description of the difference between entrepreneurship and solopreneurship◾

At $0 (free!), you won’t find such a value-loaded eBook bundle anywhere else!

What Some Clients Are Saying...

"Asha's professional expertise and clever insight helped me boost my business profile in a very tangible, results-oriented way. I saw an increase of 199 email signups in a three month period, that's a 1000% increase and a 95% bump in my sales revenue over the same time period."
"This ebook contains a ton of information that is easy to follow and digest. The layout is simple yet professional to understand. Asha has done her research and breaks it down well for beginners."
“I’ve paid for very expensive private coaching in the past. Asha is the first coach to give me so much guidance without charging me a fortune. Her marketing ideas are very clever. In 3 months, I learned information that most people pay thousands of dollars to find out about.”
“I’ve learned so much from Asha! She’s helped me create a more focused path towards my journey as an actress. Half the things she’s taught me was never explained in film school. Few professionals in this line of work are as bluntly honest and encouraging as she is.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The top 3 juiciest questions answered...

Q: I can just watch free videos and download similar free stuff from other brands. So, why should I pay for your stuff?

A: The vast majority of aspiring entrepreneurs don’t really self-assess their compatibility to being self-employed. They usually fall into the trap of binge-watching videos on YouTube and then impulsively buying into expensive programs.

Most of them get overwhelmed and never finish their course – let alone launch a business! In the Starterpreneur Club, there’s a video workshop where I share the myths, the pros, the cons, my professional insight, and my personal experiences to help you assess if being your own boss is even right for you in the first place.

Q: Do you guarantee that I’ll be able to earn a minimum of $3,000/month?

A: Any reference about making $3,000/month is solely based on steadily earning $100/day. The “Twenty Dollar Rule” guide (within the main eBook) describes three ways to achieve that result. No matter what, though, it’s your individual actions and professional work ethic that will influence your financial results.

Q: Why don’t you offer refunds on your eBundle sales?

A: Due to the nature of digital products, they cannot be returned or exchanged. Also, as a content creator, I have no way of pleasing everyone or guaranteeing some kind of satisfaction with my publications.

For that reason, sales of Self-Starter Pro ebooks and bundles are final.

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